Christian Education
An Essential

What would the finest education money can buy be worth if it did not instill moral and ethical strength, integrity, and respect in its students? Hillsboro Christian School is founded on the premise that God’s Holy Word, the Bible, the inspired and authoritative Word of God – provides time-tested truths that enable each student to set and achieve God honoring goals. HCS will consistently reinforce the authority in your home and confirm a sense of duty to God, Family, and Country.

Our Kindergarten Program

Students in Kindergarten will be introduced to the exciting world of learning. Our program is built on a solid foundation of phonics, reading, writing, counting (to 100) and addition. Bible stories will introduce students to God’s Word. Students will learn the joy of art and music and have lots of fun times in the classroom and in well-supervised recreation.

Our Elementary Program

Elementary students study arithmetic, English, spelling, health, history and science each year. Music and art will add entertainment and enrichment to their school experience. Gym classes begin in the 1st grade with athletic skills taught in the context of individual and team sports.

Our Jr. and Sr. High Program

Students at this level will study, increasingly more in-depth, the areas of language arts, science, health, biology, government, economics, speech, foreign language and Bible. Art, music, choir, artistic presentations and competitive athletics may also be available for those students who wish to pursue these interests.

Our Curriculum

Hillsboro Christian School uses the A Beka curriculum in use in over 118,000 schools internationally. Millions of students have demonstrated the effectiveness of the A Beka method. Students average 2 to 3 years above grade level on standardized tests.

Traditional classroom instruction is delivered by master teachers using advanced classroom DVD technology. Our teacher mentors provide individual attention and support to students in the classroom and during study time.

Texts, workbooks and reference materials supplement the instruction of master teachers and enable students to engage in additional study and homework.